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The Colorado Water Conservation Board has created Colorado's first-ever Water Plan. Colorado Water Plan.

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Groundwater and Surface-Water Interaction and Potential for Underground Water Storage in the Buena Vista-Salida Basin, Chaffee County, Colorado, 2011
View Abstract (contains link to full study)

Law of Ditch Easments - View the Memorandum

Basic Gound-Water Hydrology - 2004
United States Department of the Interior
View the Study (Large File- High Speed Connections Only)

USGS Hydrogeology and Water Quality Study 2000-2003
The USGS recently completed a study of the hydrogeology and water quality of the shallow aquifers in the Upper Arkansas River Basin
View the Study

Underground Water Storage Study - March 1, 2007
Senate Bill 06-193 (SB06-193) directed the CWCB to conduct a study of potential underground water storage areas in the South Platte and Arkansas River Basins. The report was delivered to the General Assembly by March 1, 2007 as required by the law. Colorado Water Conservation Board Link


Articles & Papers

The Arkansas River Basin - Prepared for Water 2012
By Ralph “Terry” Scanga, General Manager, Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District

The Arkansas River Basin's water rights were developed by custom and tradition typical of other basins in Colorado. However, the Arkansas has some remarkable features that distinguish it from others in the State.  Read More

Threats To Our Water Looms - April 2007
by Ralph “Terry” Scanga
The more pervasive issue that threatens water rights in the Upper Arkansas Basin is the past, present and future activities revolving around transfer of water from historic irrigation to municipal uses. . .   
Read More

"Water District Agreements Enhance River Flows" - January 26, 2004  Read More

"Districts Vow to Protect Water Rights"- February 13, 2003
Pueblo Chieftain  
Read More

"Growth Impact on Water Table" - September 27, 2001
by Brian Taylor
The impact of growth on the area water table is the subject of a $215,070 cooperative study by the Upper Arkansas Water Consevancy District and the U.S.Geological Survey. . .  Read More

"Water District Buys Extra Storage Rights" - July 13, 2001
by Brian Taylor
The Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District last week purchased long-term storage rights in the future expansion of two area reservoirs. The district secured 1,000 acre feet of new storage rights from the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District July 2, after approving the purchase at a special meeting June 29. . .  Read More

"Arkansas River Trust Gains $5000 Grant" - January 18th, 2001
by Betty Plotz
The Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District recently awarded a $5,000 grant to the Arkansas River Trust to support a downtown Salida park along the north side of the river. . .  Read More

"Conservation of Water in the West"- April 5, 2000
by Ken Baker  Read More

"Growth Control"- October 14, 1999
by Ken Baker  Read More

"A Water Rights Primer - April 7 & 8 1994
by Ken Baker  Read More

"Crisis Comes in Different Forms"
by Ralph "Terry" Scanga, Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District Director at Large  Read More

"Benefits of Water District's Well Augmentation"
by Ralph "Terry" Scanga, Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District Director at Large  Read More

"The Goals of the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District" by Ralph "Terry" Scanga  Read More

"Our Lives are Written in Water -- More on Augmentation"
by Ralph "Terry" Scanga   Read More

USGS Water Resource Investigation (1985) - A description of the Water-Systems Operations in the Arkansas River Basin
Read More


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